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  1. Dan, we have several hand tools, knives, awls pliers, punches many hand tools, and lots more.
  2. Art, Yes, we still have both machines. I live in St Germain, the shop is in Eagle River, about 20 min from me. Let me know if you'd be interested in coming up to take a look. Thanks Bo
  3. We've got an Idea what we would like for the singers, as for the rest of It im not sure what theyre worth, they all work. at this point we will consider any reasonable offer. anything in particular your looking for? Thanks Bo
  4. Hi, We have, several Machines, and many other tools, soles, and tack. machines are a 29-4 singer, 16-188 singer, a 7-31 singer a Cinderella Auto Soler a Landis you Line Shoe Finisher model 404 cdl a Landis #12 Model K a Repco Sole sewing machine No. 602 we have alot of other items, if there is something your looking for, let me know. I can send pics of the machines, and other items I can send if your interested. We are cleaning out my father in laws shop, he past last year, and we have to get rid of everything. Thanks Bo
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