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  1. I'm new here, so I thought I would show the project that I am most proud of. It is a horsehair sporran that I made earlier this year. In all it took about 2 weeks to complete. The front and back faces are 10oz veg tan lined and trimmed with garment weight red leather with the rough side out. I got the hair in bundles that I had to sew and glue on to a backer of canvas. The tassles are topped with leather bells. It closes with a Sam Browne stud. I have some WIP pics if anyone would like to see them. Thanks for looking. Any critique is welcome. TBone
  2. Hello, I just found this site yesterday. I have been doing amatuer leatherwork on and off for about 15 years. I am self taught and it probably shows. I got into doing leatherwork when I was a poor college kid. I could not afford much, so I started teaching myself how to stitch using beat up old leather jackets. Now, I've made leather bound journals, SCA armor, sporrans, knife sheaths, jewelry, and just a bunch of odds and ends. Hopefully, by joining this site I can learn more and advance my skills as a leathercrafter. TBone
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