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  1. I had to buy some needles for my Juki 1541S and ended up having to buy in lots of 100 to get a decent price. So now I have 200 needles and would like to get rid of some. I have two sizes, 134-35LL and 135x 16TRI. They are Groz-Becker needles and believe or not, they were not made in China. I will sell them for 50 cents each in lots of 10 (that is how they are packaged).
  2. Just finished some new straps. What do you think?
  3. I have a bag that I made several years ago. I used Tandy stain to color some of the tooling. Now the dye has faded so badly that the bag is not very attractive. What can I use to take off the super sheen so I can redye the bag?
  4. Just bought a Juki 563 and can't seem to get the thread from the bobbin placed correctly. All it does is knot in the bobbin case. We have a manual but it is less than clear on how to run the thread from the bobbin when placing the bobbin in the machine. Also the bobbin is very difficult to get out of the bobbin case. Can anyone give me an idea on how to make this thing work?
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