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  1. pacostagli

    Searching for thread

    everyone - thank you all very much for taking the time to reply to my post! I cannot thank you enough - I plan to try a few of these places out to see what'll work best for me. Best, Paul
  2. pacostagli

    Searching for thread

    hi everyone, I believe this may be my second post here, but I could really use some help. I am a small-time leather craftsman - watch straps, wallets, etc... - and I need some new thread. I believe I am looking for .8mm waxed polyester, however I primarily see 1mm out there. I have found some places that sell .8mm, but in very limited color choices. Historically, I have simply used the thread offered by Tandy leather, but they only offer black, brown, tan, and white. And they don't even have the thread size or material on the packaging, but I've deduced from much experimentation that .8mm waxed polyester it what i'm shooting for - unless there is better stuff out there - very open to suggestions. does anyone have a thread grail-shop that they can point me towards? I cannot tell you how appreciative I would be - I've been searching for a new thread place for well over a year now, buying samples here and there, but not finding the perfect stuff still. Paul