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  1. thanks dirtclod .... that website is not live, testing, but thanks for pointing it out.
  2. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone was interested in swapping a saddle/leather-work for some web design. I would be interested in building a webpage for a saddle maker. Attached a few examples for reference. Thanks
  3. Do most of you make your own rawhide? Where can I buy some pre-finished rawhide suitable for braiding a bosal? I don't want to attempt making rawhide before I even take crack at braiding. I guess I can start with some stiff plastic twine used for wrapping pallets or leather. Thanks
  4. LW Forum, Novice leatherwork horseman here. Been wanting to learn more about crafting my own horse tack for a long time. I did this one out on the open pasture yesterday when I realized my chain chin strap was over-size for my new setup. The left is a bit off but it was all freehand. Looking forward to learn from this forum. Thanks. Came home and strung some rope through the leather. would look nice if I used fine rawhide strings to tie the ends.
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