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  1. Vergez Blanchard 9/10 & 9/2 pricking iron set: SoldCS Osborne #151 1" oblong punch: SoldCS Osborne #154 1 1/2" strap punch: SoldCS Osborne #6 3/16" punch: SoldSheridan leather colt stitcher: Sold
  2. Sorry everyone, I had forgotten about this thread but I do still have some of these items available.
  3. @papaw - glad to hear! @tossik - sent you a pm, sorry for the delay
  4. The rest of the thread, needles, and beeswax are all SOLD. Anyone know how to edit the original post?
  5. Okay, international members can PM me for additional shipping charges. Based on what I am shipping it may be an extra $5 or could be and extra $30.
  6. The rest of the thread is sold pending payment...
  7. Okay, well this is going off on a tangent. Please keep all other discussions private or find a new place for them. I am just trying to move my stuff for a fair price. On the Canadian shipping; the $18 charge was after the seller proposed to pay for half so actually shipping anything larger than a thimble to Canada with tracking was $36 minimum. So I ask (rhetorically), would you eat a $36+ shipping fee on a $120 sale?
  8. I should have mentioned paypal for everyone in the original post but I don't see the option to edit it again. Also, Joe, check your private messages for tracking soon, thanks again! Even at 1/2 the price it is still very high. I did a price check with the post office and I believe the cheapest trackable option was $34-36. I just can't justify the $18 + 3% paypal charge for the price of the goods. Sorry it didn't work out ---- Anyways... I still have a lot of nice tools available so lets get these moving!
  9. Thanks for the explanation 25b, like he said, just too much to justify shipping to Canada.
  10. The 0.8mm and 1mm thread and the 2/0 needles are still available, thanks
  11. Tiger thread 0.6 mm creme and John James size 4 saddles harness needles SOLD Sending PM
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