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    I am a poor college student that rides horses for a living - and has an unhealthy addiction to saddles. Which usually means I get beater saddles, and figure out how to make them not so ugly, then resell them.

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    minor saddle repairs
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    Searching for how to dye leather
  1. I have been wanting to get into braiding my own reins, long story short - I go through alot of them, and it would be handy if I could make my own instead of buying out fleet farm every week. I have the braiding book from U-braid-it, and a healthy collection of paracord, but am hesitant to get started. However, conway buckles are nearly impossible to find around here, and buying online isn't one of my strong suits. I was curious about alternative methods of ending the reins and securing to the bit, without the use of a conway. Can anyone provide any helpful advice, tutorials would be great, as I have tendencies to glaze over text if pictures aren't involved.
  2. Hello forum. I wandered in to learn techniques to dye leather - and then saw the mighty saddle and tack section. I was so excited, it became the highlight of my weekend. Yes, even surpassed thanksgiving. I am an exercise rider by trade, and trying to finish up my degree in Wildlife Research and Management in Central WI. I also have a mild case of saddle addiction, oh, its actually quite serious I guess. I have skills in the ability to find really cheap saddles, often 10-40 years old. I do basic repairs and good oiling and sell them off for more then double what I paid. I've recently gotten adventurous with my repairs, more recently attempting to replace knee rolls in a free crappy ebay dressage saddle, but since it had lived its life in a moldy basement - the cardboard "leather" tore as I was tightening stitches. Which only means I should gut it and see whats inside right? Did I mention that I study the insides of wildlife, its only natural that I want to figure out how the inside looks. I wanted to join this forum to learn about doing saddle repair, on a college budget. Oh, and how to dye leather - my father is a book binder, and has a small treasure trove of leather dye powder. Oh, and how I should go about gutting this saddle in order to best learn from it. oh, I may just like learning... that might be why this girl is still in college for so long... ohhhh debt, how I like you too.
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