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  1. Customer brought back a big order of high end fully upholstered dinning chairs we did in recycled leather - it is a vinyl like material on fabric backing, I assume it is made out of leather. Anyway, it is peeling like crazy in the areas where body touches it after less then one year. On material supplier label and site it says it is 100,000 double rubs stain resistant material. I remember being skeptical about this, thinking it looks like the same crap that comes on furniture from China that peels in a month, but it is respectable supplier and I went with it. Big mistake. Question - did anyone have any experience getting their money back for material AND for the labor from the supplier? Please let me know, Thanks.
  2. Does anyone have the Consew P1541s-CC? It looks like it has the same features as Juki 1541S, except it priced better. What are the differences? I wonder if anyone had an experience working on it? Thanks.
  3. Cool, I want it for leather work. Did you have to assemble it yourself or it came assembled? I have feet for Consew 206RB-5 machines and this one suppose to use the same feet. I really like this style of walking foot with feet directly behind each other, the other ones that have feet next to each other side to side do not feel right. I had old Chandler machine with the other style feet side by side, and some larger welt feet was simply not available because of that style of the feet, and it seams this type of feet is the most available with Juki and other brands using them on their machines.
  4. I just ran across new Consew machine p1206RB it seams to have the same capability as 206RB-5 with the same type of feet but for $950 vs. $1250 for 206RB-5 with the table and servo motor, I like that it has built in bobbin winder. Anybody tried them? Are they OK to work with leather? I found in my area they are sold by Vasey upholstery: http://vupholstery.com/wa/p1206rb.asp , anybody have experience with this guys? Is there anybody else selling these machines in Seattle area? Thanks.
  5. OK!! Problem solved. According to above manual alternating foot height need to be adjusted if the foot is longer. It is actually anticipated! And yes, the feet can come slightly different length. Anyway to adjust when the foot lands on the bottom feeder - lower the foot lever, rotate by feet to the desired position (where it is prematurely landing) and while holding the alternating foot release the nut on the back top of the machine. Now adjust the height of the foot by moving it by hand little bit higher and then tighten back the nut on the top. Everything works! Consew 206rb-5 long foot adjustment. See attached picture with which nut to release.
  6. Here is the picture, the consew original foot is the shorter one .
  7. And the problem is that ALL of the feet that we have are different size from that one original foot that is on the machine. And they are all the same size between each other.
  8. The middle alternating foot is longer from the very top edge to the very bottom. It sets on the top edge and it makes the whole part longer..
  9. It is actually longer, I have measured - 1/16" longer. All of the feet that I got are longer then originals. On both machines. I can see how some people would think it is just a walking foot vibration, but it is clearly visible that it pushes fabric back and makes work difficult. It took me time to figure out that the reverse motion is because the foot landing sooner, and it took me even more time to figure out that standard feet are longer and because of that are closer to the bottom feeder and thus hitting it sooner. There is no backwards jerking when working with original foot. And this is happening on both machines new and 2 years old. I have looked at the above manual long and hard and I am toying with idea to adjust the position of the middle foot, but I want to hear what experts would say first. Both machines work great with the original foot, they should not need the adjustment.
  10. Just got another 206rb5 that is couple years old, and also just did a first project on the brand new one that I got earlier. And there is a problem. The standard feet that I got from different sources for welt, zippers and other things the middle foot is about 1/16 longer then the ones that came with the machines. This causes the material to jerk forward each time the middle foot lands, because it is longer and lands a bit early while bottom feeder still returning to the front position. Anyone heard about it? Any solutions? Aloha.
  11. Thank you for replies. Good to know. It got quite better after a little use. Still need to position the feed dog a bit but not so much.
  12. Just got this beauty and everything is fine except the bottom bobbin would not come out easily. It barely hits the part just above it that holds the feed dog, and would not come out. It does come out at certain feed dog position, when it is at it's top back position. It is OK if it is the way it is, but I have never seen a machine where you need to do this in order to get the bobbin out. Found one answer to the problem that I had in the past - machine spins too tight? - slightly release the screw that holds the machine belt pulley or position the pulley further away from the machine. Thanks..
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