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    Basic leatherwork for fire departments including hose straps, ladder stake pockets, tool belts, axe belts, chain saw scabbards, suspenders, equipment tie downs etc. Slowly shutting down business due to lack of orders.......

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  1. Tippman Leather Stitcher SOLD and delivered to a very satisfied leather worker!!
  2. This is a little used stitcher with aluminum frame. I used to do a lot of work for fire departments and thought a stitcher would come in handy but there was just not enough need for it so I'm posting up for sale. I would guess it has about three hours of time on it so one could almost say "as new". Will sell for $900+ shipping in USA. Pics below. Thanks!
  3. Thank you all for looking! The gauge has been sold!
  4. For those who do not have the gift of experienced touch to determine the overall uniform thickness of a side or shoulder, this gauge will tell the truth. The throat depth is twelve inches and the dial is read in ounces and millimeters. Leather varies in thickness through out the hide and when strap cutting, waste may be avoided by knowing more about what you bought to avoid waste. I have found this gauge to be very helpful in selecting leather for belt and harness work. The gauge is "as new" and I offer it for sale at $95.00. Retail on these is upwards of $170 today, as they are made in Italy. I have no use for it as I am winding down my activities. Thanks for looking!
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