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  1. I did the same and the burnishers are pretty awesome.
  2. I ordered the Mini Skirt Chaser, Hole Master & Wax Combo from proedgeburnishers on July 5th and it arrived on July 11th
  3. Xshadowx, I ordered from proedge burnishers on June 5th just got an email that my burnishers have shipped.
  4. Hope he is ok too. He should have someone help him with the business or not take orders if he is physically unable to fulfill them. Some of of the guys have been waiting for 3 and 4 months for their orders. That is unacceptable by any standard.
  5. I know what you mean seems like he started off with good intentions and then just reached a point that he doesn't care about his customers anymore. Hope paypal does what is right.
  6. I found this site they have patterns and may have some of the info you are looking for. http://www.cowcampsaddlery.com/apps/webstore/
  7. here is te response I got from paypal yesterday On Jun 1, 2016, you sent a payment to Edward Stiles for $46.00 USD. The funds have been returned to your account. This payment was returned for the following reason(s): Edward Stiles is not a Verified PayPal member. Please contact Edward Stiles (leatherburnishers@gmail.com) to arrange an alternate payment method. If you have any further questions, please log in to your PayPal account and go to the History subtab. Locate this transaction and click the word "Cancelled" in the Details column. Sincerely, PayPal I hope you get your issues resolved as well.
  8. I doubt that you have to worry about Ed filling your order since he hasn't responded to any of our emails. it is sad when a member of this group would treat group members this way.
  9. xshadowx and sabari, I called paypal and since Ed didn't claim my payment they are going to issue refund back to my card. I am going to order the Mini Skirt Chaser, Hole Master & Wax Combo from proedgeburnishers.
  10. I agree I found a couple of youtube videos of them being used and they looked like they worked really well.
  11. Hope you get your money back soon! Proedge has some monthly specials here is the link: http://www.proedgeburnishers.com/monthly-specials.html I am looking at the Mini Skirt Chaser, Hole Master & Wax Combo.
  12. Tried that the option isn't available. Even chatted with a supervisory person and they had the same lame answer. After I get my money back paypal will be history here.
  13. Not from Pay pal according to a section in the policy if it goes unclaimed for 30 days it is automatically returned. if it is claimed then you have to contact the seller. the pay pal folks are not very friendly or helpful.
  14. No response at all from him Multiple emails if he would have left a phone number I would have called as well. Paypal says if he doesn't claim the payment in 30 days they will refund my money. At this point I would tell everyone to stay away from leather burnishers.com for anything. I contacted proedge burnishers and got a response right away as soon as I get the money back for Ed I am going to order from Proedge.
  15. Chris Thank you , Pro edge burnishers contacted me right away. I am trying to cancel the order to leather burnishers through pay pal. Pay pal tech support said that they do not even have a contact number for him just an email. I told them good luck with that. I am hoping that I don't have to chalk this up to an $80.00 getting burned experience. At this point I would warn everyone to STAY away from leatherburnishers.com .
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