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  1. Hi ChipProp, I'm in Billings. I love your neck of the woods up in the flathead valley, but despite living in Missoula for 5 years back in the 70's, I'm a flatlander at heart. Long winters seem good for a hobby like leathercraft... but for me that's when the falconry is at it's peak. Best Regards, Clayton
  2. Thanks King's x. I tried to post a picture earlier but somehow it didn't make the journey. I'll try again after a little research... I think I got it now. Best Regards
  3. Hello everyone, I found this forum recently and am looking forward to many hours of trying to soak up some knowledge. My background in leathercraft is mostly through my lifelong persuit of falconry. Falconers historically make their own ecquipment. Jesses, leashes, lures, hawking bags and of course the hoods that go on the birds heads. I've made hoods for many years, but now am expanding into other things. I recently came across a used clicker that I purchased, but it had many dies that were included in the sale. I've listed some on eBay if anyone is interested. You can go to the link and check them out. I'll be listing more in the weeks ahead. http://my.ebay.com/w...RK:ME:LNLK:MESX I'll try to post a picture of my handywork, and look forward to lots of reading on this site. Thanks, Clayton
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