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  1. I like that idea, a combination of two ideas I was contemplating. Thanks!!
  2. Yeah, I searched the web into the wee hrs last night, still didn't find anything that looked right. I'll keep looking Thanks I'll take a look.
  3. I have a friend who found an old trade axe along the river on his property. He cleaned it up and mounted it on a beautiful handle that he made himself. He's quite handy and an excellent woodworker. I'd like to make him a period sheath for it. I'm looking for ideas on how to best secure a sheath without using snaps. If I use a leather strap I could use a buckle, maybe a couple D rings or some type of keeper the strap could slide through. If I use leather lace I could fashion some kind of button or antler to wrap around, or drill out an antler bead to thread the lace through for cinching. Any other ideas or pictures??? I'm looking for some inspiration and any/all ideas would be helpful. Thanks!
  4. I'd like to see what the fuss is about as well!
  5. Nice work! Welcome to the forum from a former Merrill resident.
  6. Thanks Bronson for the ideas. I thought of making the strap one long piece as well..... but not until it was too late, I had the snap on already and also I didn't make the strap wide enough to stitch around the snap if I covered it up. Next time I make a holster with this setup I'll need to improve it. I have to thank you for the tip though, I never even thought about using the same stud for the female part as i would on the male, that seems easier than removing the plate from the snap as I've seen done before. It's a work in progress! Thanks for your input.
  7. That's kinda my thinking as well. This utility/hunting type holster usually has a foldover retention strap and I believe my design can serve as an alternative. Like Mike pointed out, it's not going to replace the leather lace on western style rigs, but for pure retainment purposes I seem to like it better than the tradional snap strap. I dunno, i thought i would get your opinions/feedback. If you use it, post a pic as I would love to see how you incorporate it. Thanks
  8. Hello all. Started making a few holsters and was glad to find this forum, a wealth of information and inspiration. My initial attempt at holster making has been fun and some have turned out good.........some not so good. I have a little Heritage .22 revolved that needed a holster. My first build was an old design I call the tradional "hunting" design and it turned out ok and functioned ok. However I didn't like the retainment strap, it always seemed to be in the way when reholstering the gun. I've made simple mexican loop holsters with a hammer tie down made from leather lace. Again, it works but not quite what I want. I've had an idea in my head for a new hammer tie down and this is my first prototype. It's a simple strap which loops over the hammer and then is pulled tight using a snap. So far so good. I realize there is more than one way to skin a cat, but be gentle as this is my first attempt. I am looking for your expert opinions. Have you seen anything like this setup before? Do you think it will last (I'm curious to see if the leather stretches with time and becomes a loose fit). Any recommendation to make it better? I realize this won't work for all applications, just for use on a hunting/utility holster for a secure tie down. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. First attemp at left, modified version on right
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