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  1. Thank you Kevin, GrampsJoel & Bob Brennan for the very helpful reply. Now I am on my way to better under standing stitching. Random
  2. Hey everyone... this is my first post on a forum. I know that if I don't do it correctly I will hear about it. I want to know the proper method of hand stitching billets to an English style saddle. I have been told that backstitching the billets to the saddle is completed a certain way. This is stitching the billet to nylon webbing under the saddle flap. I need a visual diagram to understand this better. Maybe I am making more out of this than I should, because I have been ending my hand stitching by back stitching all along. Is it as simple as that? Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Random
  3. Member Title: Is that my screen name or what? I'll try Random Tox but I am sure that if is different I will be told.

    I see that I have left out some information...

    I am 64 years old. Birthday is in September. Male and am retired and love being retired. This seems to be a very informative web site and I hope to learn many new things from fellow leather workers.

    Thanks f...

  4. Hey from Raleigh, NC. New to this forum and to leather working.

    My interests are tack repairing of English tack. Mostly Hunter/Jumper tack. I hand stitch everything I do.

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