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  1. I have the same problem with my belts. You may try applying edge kote first when the edge are smooth with sandpaper, then apply edge kote, wipe off the excess with wet paper towel, then rubbed wit bees wax on top to cover the edge kote. Polish after that.
  2. Was adjusting the presser foot tension on the Pfaff 335 or Mauzzer cylinder sewing machine, Was sewing leather and it is marking on my work so I decided to lessen the tension. I turn the knob on the top silver thumb screw and when I tried to sew ,the other foot on the back just stay down only the other foot move up and down. Called the dealer and told me something must have gotten loose of fall off while I was doing the adjustment. The machine wont sew anymore cause only the other foot on the back wont move up and down. when you do a foot lift manually it goes up. Other than that it keep on staying down. I open the cover to check if anything loose and cant find anything loose or parts . The spring that is the tension presser foot is there . Was the loosening of the tension on the presser foot has to do with it ? This is a new machine about a year and seldom being used.
  3. UPS custom Brokerage fees imports will have to inquire the exact fee
  4. Yes . I will do that tomorrow. Thanks for pointing this thing out..
  5. I dont know anything about broker imports. I dont know about imports at all. This is why I started this topic.. I am gonna ask the sea freight company how much money is involved . Thanks a lot.
  6. If I have to hire a sewing machine technician to come to the house and align the hook and the needle, how much do I have to pay in NY ? Sewing machine is duty free. So I dont have to pay anything in the custom.
  7. I would be good to buy the Cb3200. I have been looking at it because of the attractive price. Just check on the sewing machine import to US + is duty free. So I dont really have to pay anything in the port. I went to the site where they calculated the VAT and import taxes form China to US= 0 this the result of I will pay. If I have my sewing machine insured here to a private company insurance I think I will pay less than $900 in a year. If they accept me. That I have to look into.I know that insurance company will insure anything for a price.
  8. Thanks for helping me the math: Just check on the Imports to US : Sewing machine is duty free. So Calculating all in all of possible expense: 441 clone $1050 =head and table only Inspector= could be $150 Delivery by boat= $60 Local delivery= $ 280 Speed Reducer= Already have one Motor =$150 total=$ 1630 total for a 441 16 1/2 inch, 20mm foot lift compare to US Equivalent value= 441 Chinese clone =$ 2295- 2400 + delivery $300= $ 2595- 2900 $ 2595- $1600= $ 995 less. or the money I paid for less head ache and risk. I am basically paying $ 995 .00 to feel comfortable. I could buy a lot leather for these amount of money. This is as far as the possible expense I could see. I might have to take the easy, less head ache route and go local.Thank yo for giving me all these information. Make me hold on any purchase and do more thinking first. I know a little bit about sewing machine but dont understand the timing adjustment.
  9. They will send the head and table , no motor. The clones for 441 is about $1050 and the clones for 205 is $1750. Shipping by boat is somewhere around $50- $60 and will take 26 days. I will have the option to pick up from the port in NY if it arrives or have it delivered from port for $280 . Additional options are pneumatic lifts. 2 of them for $160 a little bit more for the 205 Adler clone. They accept payment by EScrow account. I hav ethe option to have an inspector check the machine for $100 base price for checking the machine with video as additional option. The trader will also send me video of the checking and setting in the factory since I requested them to adjust the setting to sew harness and belts. She state that once I receive the item , it will sew leather harness out of the box. No speed reducer and I should ask ask her about it. They will change the foot to a harness foot, Did not ask how much it cost. Just receive the mail from them. The after market sell which is very important. They do have it, but I cant imagine how it is gonna help me. That too will have to clarify more.
  10. Hi Eric, Any chance you ordered direct from China? Are there any custom restrictions on sewing machine or any other VAT or what ever I need to look into when making imports from other countries?
  11. I needed right now a heavy duty sewing machine to fix belt. I will have to buy locally in US. There are just too many issues regarding imports from China . There could be hidden charges which I dont know. And then there is that adjustment problem that I will surely encounter. Though I have an option to contact and inspector in China to check the machine and test it before packaging. I told the supplier to adjust the machine before delivery and I will send an inspector to make sure it is done.At this point I feel that i am the only person who would think of doing it. I dont understand the rules regarding importing sewing machine from China which is one of my big concern. Besides having to worry about the technicalities of the machine, I will have to worry about the import rules. I will have to take my time and try to digest all your inputs. I am glad , you guys are pro and I am getting a free advice. Much Thanks.
  12. Weaver is supplied with Prussia 441 from Dagong sewing co., China
  13. Hi Constabulary, I knew zero about sewing machine timing. It does sound you you very well know about this 441 timing.Can you make a video for us to how to check the timing ot fix it. It would be great.Thanks.
  14. No offense man. This is the reason we have a forum so you can clear isiues and claify doubts. You can also show off to people your expertise of the sewing machine or what ever you can make your self proud of. We would love to her what you know. This sewing mexhanicle principle is old and probably older than my granpa that i feel people should have an idea how it works. So we know what some of the dealer been thru to sell a working sewing machine for us. I look at my pfaff walking foot and I could see the simillarities . I little imagination can help.
  15. It is not a 441 video, sorry about that. I presume all sewing machine works on the same principle. but different in some ways. This video should help other people understand what is the timing of a sewing machine.
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