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  1. Yup, that's what I was doing minus the last step of beeze wax. And I am assuming you mean these type of needles which I got from springfield, are also incorrect? http://springfieldleather.com/29837/Needle%2CEZ-Thread%2C10pk/
  2. Appreciate that! Bookmarked
  3. AND, where to find non-waxed thread of the same thickness as the stuff on Springfield? *shrug*
  4. awesome. That makes sense, just wanted to make sure that was really the way to do it. Since on the subject of thread, how the HELL does one keep the thread from pulling out of the needles after x-number of stitches? I even keep about 2-3" of extra through the "extra" end. wtf
  5. Looking to see where I can either source various colors of waxed thread for my watch straps (orange, blue, red, etc) or if someone can tell me the best way that I could (if possible) dye white thread?
  6. Never been?!?? Wow. I'm amazed the people up there who've never been to it. They don't know what they've got. And their beer selection is
  7. Hrmm, let's see. You like beer, you like women, you like blues, you like women, you like leather....and you like women. Sounds good to me. Ever make it out towards the lake? I like to hit up Larry's or better yet, a nice dinner at Duke of Devon.
  8. MSN here. I drive through your area at least once a month though, on my way to Sheboygan to visit inlaws
  9. Awesome. Appreciate it. And I will absolutely take pictures and let everyone who has been such a great help, know how I have done.
  10. which of what i listed is the seal? and resolene is a wax then? I appreciate it but I think I want to still stitch before the sealer so I can have that covered as well. From what I've seen, that's more of when the stitching goes, near the beginning. Again though: I also could be wrong.
  11. Hey all. Have made a few posts already looking for guidance. Got a bunch of it. Very helpful group around here! From the Midwest, I'm a designer by trade (art director/marketing/etc) and also do a lot of IT work. Also am a firearms instructor and hold my '01 and '03 SOT FFL's (I sell guns). Good to see all of you and hope to talk with many of you on here. And I use the smilies a lot...
  12. So I've decided to do this as my first project. I'm sure I'll get some flac for it, but I like to jump right in. The coasters aren't going to be a big deal at all. It's the holder that, I know I CAN do it, I just want to make sure I'm doing things in the right order. Specifically which order of dying, cutting, and using the oil, gum trag, resolene, etc. I don't know the order of when to do those and specifically what TO do (have watched a few videos but....yeah). http://www.potterybarn.com/products/saddle-stitch-leather-coasters/?bnrid=3318529&cm_ven=Google_PLA&cm_cat=Tabletop&cm_pla=Glassware_Bar&cm_ite=Saddle_Leather_Drink_Coasters_Set_of_6&adtype=pla So anyway, I know what I probably have to do for the holder is this: make a template for the size. Cut out the shape. Dye. Groove. Wheel. Punch. Then soak it so it can be formed and molded to the shape. Then stitched. Then......? That's where I'm getting hung up, is when to put on what certain finishes and using all of these other oils and all of that jazz. And again, I know that most will probably say this is over my head for my first project, but I just want to give it a go. Plus then when I royally mess it up, it'll make me feel that much better after the 3rd or 4th try and it turns out great.
  13. Wow, that's actually a great idea. I'm going to try that one. That would give it a lot of longevity as well, as it would really "stick" to it.
  14. ahh, I didn't even think of that. Good idea. And not a problem at all! Told you it wasn't a rush. Thank you though man.
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