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  1. Thanks for the help i will do some measuring
  2. Thank you for your response. The bobbin holder has a piece broken out of it and cuts the thread when sewing. I tried Adler and they said there were no new shuttles available. Now that you say it I think I did read some where that the singer class 7 may be compatable. I will contact the people you have recommended. much appreciated.
  3. Hi all Purchased a heavy duty Adler 120/8 sewing machine. wondering if anyone would know where I could find a schuttle for it. thanks
  4. HI Everyone This is my first post. I live in Tumut, Australia. Freezing in winter. Boiling in summer. Anyway i have a question regarding a hand stitcher i recently aquired. It is branded a planet with british manufactured on it. It came with over 100 75mm needles and spare parts. some of the needle packs have gritzner by planet needles. Just wondering what it would be worth to sell. It sews well and through thick leather 20mm. I cannot work out how to add pics yet and will upload some as soon as i work it out. I also picked up a pearson 6 today and would like to know where i can find out how to thread it and do the timing on this machine. Are parts still avaliable for this machine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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