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    San Francisco Bay Area
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    Vintage sewing machines, and now my Consew 206RB-3. I hope to learn about sewing leather in order to help my wife in her crafting endeavors. First, I'll need to learn more about my machine.

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    None just yet. Sewing first.
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    Consew 206RB-3
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    Googling a question about sewing leather.

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  1. Hi Ian - I found a few of your posts on here concerning your Singer machine.  I'm wondering what, if any, updates you have of getting it going.  I am on the market for a cylinder bed machine and have been in conversation with someone who has a Singer 153w103.  She is getting it serviced and is sending me updates on its progress. 

    Im just interested in hearing your feedback on the machine, have you gotten yours up and running and if so, what are you using it for?




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