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  1. This was posted last year, but I did not see any update when you received your machine. How was the transaction/delivery? How is the machine? Any updates? Im in Pennsylvania & am looking for a cylinder arm machine preferred & willing to pickup close by vs delivery. I too came across this website.
  2. Hi Ian - I found a few of your posts on here concerning your Singer machine.  I'm wondering what, if any, updates you have of getting it going.  I am on the market for a cylinder bed machine and have been in conversation with someone who has a Singer 153w103.  She is getting it serviced and is sending me updates on its progress. 

    Im just interested in hearing your feedback on the machine, have you gotten yours up and running and if so, what are you using it for?




  3. hi - are the machines still available in Pennsylvania? im about an hour + drive out and am on the hunt for an industrial machine. cylinder arm preferred.. Lnsmobe@gmail.com is my email if still available
  4. Any updates or user info on the Consew P1541S-CC ? I spotted a used machine in my local city for just under $800. Im currently on the market for a personal machine. I sew leather bags and other small items. Im a shoe cobbler and have looked at what was recommended to me by sewing shop, Juki 1541. Really interested in a great used machine being my first machine. I do have sewing experience @ my shop. Thanks!
  5. perfect. thank you all for the replies. I was reading thoroughly through everyones input. Now Im checking out the Cowboy 3200. I really like the cylinder arm and thought I needed that specifically (after researching/watching videos) One item I make alot: leather bags and find the cylinder arm helpful for the insides of course. At my shop we use a Claes 30 model stitcher. Sewing bags on that is a breeze. All your responses are very helpful. Also taking note to check out if there are any used machines in basements or storages.
  6. KGG-- how are you still liking your Juki 1541? Im on the market for a machine. Was looking at the Sailrite Fabricator but I did some research and also read this thread..I called a local guy near me and he mentioned the Juki 1541 to me. Also not crazy about the price for my first personal machine.. (im a shoe cobbler and have plenty experience w/ sewing at the shop, but I dont have a leather machine for my own use)... but i will bite the bullet and pay for what i gotta pay for. I havent went to try out the Juki just yet, i plan to this week. Just looking for feedback from someone who has the machine. Lance
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