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  1. Thank you all for your help!!! Ralph's Industrial Sewing Machine in Denver came through for me. They were very helpful in finding the part without me knowing the part number.
  2. I have a Singer cylinder 153W103 in need of two new hook drive gears. Not having any luck finding these online. Are there compatible ones available? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Three machines without table/motor - 236G120 Singer Post;  136W101 Post;  Singer Patch. 

    Three machines with table/motor - Singer flat bed;  PFAFF flat bed;  Heavy Duty horizontal cylinder bed 53W103. 

    Fair - Very Good condition. Asking $3000

    Singer Patch Machine.jpg

    Singer 236 G 120 Post (2).jpg

    136 W 101 Post (2).jpg

    Heavy Duty Cylinder Bed       53 W 103 (2).jpg

    PFAFF flat bed (2).jpg

    Singer Flat Bed.jpg

  4. Thank you Northmount. I am unable to attach all 6 photos with additional information. You may delete/end this post. Bonnie
  5. Hello, I have a few(6-7) industrial sewing machines(post, cylinder arm and upholstery) that I would like to sell. Would there be anyone within driving distance to Gettysburg, PA interested in taking a look with intentions to take all. Contact me for more details. Thank you,
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