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  1. Do exactly like garypl said, sewing and the trimming is so much easier and will help keep your intended line. I started doing just that when I purchased my Cobra 3 and I use a Guide tool that came with the deluxe package I bought. I very recently installed the flat bed accessories that came in the package and now the machine is much easier to use----for a relatively new person of 1 years experience. Sewing machine tensions seem to be an esoteric science so talk to people at Cowboy, who are very helpful and watch YouTube video's AND read the instruction book/ DVD that probably came with your machine and things will get better. Practice on LOTS of scrap and not on a finished product until you get good at it:) Sam
  2. What I like is the nice and thick wood handles that one can actually GRIP I would use then ONCE in his honor and then display them! Sam
  3. I use Fiebing's British Tan antique finish paste and rub it in, let it set over night and then wipe off the excess with a paper towel and then buff it out. After that, a very light coat of Neatfoots oil, mink oil or even 'extra Virgin olive oil, will keep it pliable and soft. Sam:)
  4. I have never had a problem whatsoever with my Tandy pyrography kit:) Question: Why in the world would you even want to turn the unit to HIGH????? I think that's the problem! Sam:)
  5. Very beautiful work for sure. Hobby Lobby near me sells lots of clock kits and I have been thinking about making one with leather. Thanks for the ideas. Sam:)
  6. Beautiful and ingenious:) Your 'hand stitching,' looks as good as machine stitching???? Sam
  7. "Useless"??? Odd that thousands use those useless 'hammer's, in their Leather craft each and every day I use a plastic headed mallet that I bought when I first got started and it works great and hasn't damaged a tool yet? I bought an 'Oak' mallet and decided to glue a very thick piece of leather on it and it works okay. Some use a 'rounded head' mallet, which I don't understand. I own a Computer, ISP and IT business, within a building that I share with a Dental office, so I do my best to keep the sounds of my Leather tooling to a minimum: Under my typical 12' by 12" Marble slab, I have a 2 inch thick piece of heavy styro foam and on top of the marble, I use a 3/8 inch black rubber mat and this attenuates a lot of the pounding noise. A Brass or ball peen hammer would be terribly noisy.:( Make sure your 'Leather' is sufficiently WET as that allows effortless tooling, compared to DRY tooling, which is almost impossible. Sam:)
  8. Where you see the rear elevation sight from there back is open at the top, making it easier to put in or draw out. I will take a picture from the top: Done. Sam:)
  9. Move to the colonies:) Florida will pay you to hunt and kill Python's. Sam
  10. Sam Porter 3 hrs · Here are a few pictures of the 'Holster/ sling' that I just finished for my ROSSI, Ranch Hand, lever action, 357 mag, 'brush gun.' I designed this for the typical 'on the hip' carrying position, with a large belt loop and leg straps. The 'Pistol,' being 3/4 of a normal size lever action rifle, is a bit heavy so I added attachment points for a 'lanyard,' (shown) that goes around the neck or over the shoulders. The weapon seems much lighter when carried in the 'horizontal position,' at waist level. The cartridge strap carries lots of extra rounds (15) and can be easily removed if need be. This would be excellent for Equestrian, Farm and mounted Posse use or for carrying on a motorcycle. Check Federal and State laws on open carry, with a concealed carry permit. Started from a piece of hide laying on my table, designed, cut, dyed, Machine sewn, buffed and polished all by hand. Fun but labor intensive.
  11. Take the Mod's advice and get something NEW and proven, with local retailer support and service that you may need. My choice between the Cowboy 3200 and the Cobra class 3 like I recently bought, was finally determined by the fact that the dealer I bought the Cobra from was close to where I live and their customer support is top level. You get what you pay for my Friend. Try to do it right the FIRST time Sam
  12. For your good hardwood inserts with Leather hand sewn into it, I use a Dremel rotary tool with a drill bit of the appropriate size and I punch the leather stitching pattern in it first and then 'mark' through the leather and punch the wood with a sharp Awl and then drill the wood. I use a 207 or 277 thread at a minimum. I finish all edges and then use an edge dye or paint on the leather. Stain the wood first before you sew it all together. Sam:)
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