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  1. OK so I heard back from U braidit and just wanted to post it for those interested. Now I see that people have the end of the cord braided nicely into itself; I've just burned the end but would like to see how to braid it neatly. Formula as follows: No matter how many strands you will be braiding, you always 4x the desired finished length (assuming the cords are doubled over each other—4 strands doubled for an 8 strand). So for a 22 foot mecate math is as follows: 22 feet x 4 = 88 feet per strand x number of strands (4) = 352 feet total. Don't forget to include about 10-12% per strand before pre-shrinking your cord (about 10' extra). This may seem like a lot, but much better to have more than not enough when you get to the end. So you will need about 98 feet per strand. I'm not certain what I would suggest for the core. You might need to play around with this. A wider piece of rope might work, but keep in mind that this will affect the drape of the mecate as well.
  2. Hi, I am actually just finishing a set of paracord mecate reins, the problem is, I started them 8 years ago! I would like to start another set but can't remember how much line to begin with in order to finish with 22' braided, also, what to use for a core in order to achieve 9/16" diameter. How to finish the reins I'm working on; I did a set a long time ago and burned the end, running a leather popper through, but it's not very pretty. I'm glad I have found this site, just became a member, and am now looking forward to some guidance:) SMH
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