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  1. Thanks Eric! I had already tried tapping on it lightly, but didn't want to proceed before confirming that I didn't have to remove anything else first. Appreciate the response. Jeff
  2. I picked up a Singer 211 G 266 and would like to change the timing belt as it is cracked quite badly. In order to do this, I need to remove the pulley/balance wheel. The manual says to remove the 2 set screws on the pulley wheel and remove the pulley. I have removed the set screws, but the pulley seems to still be on solid. There is what looks to be a triangle head screw on the side of the pulley ( see picture )... is this actually a screw that needs to be removed? I have not been able to find reference to this anywhere nor have I been able to find any special tools to fit this triangle screw. Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
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