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  1. I was going to try and make me one of these halters and was wondering what the name of the small conchos or brads coving the stitches are called so i can order some similar off the internet? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Steven
  2. If anyone could tell me what the small copper conchos or brads are listed as on the internet so that i can buy some to make my own i would greatly appreciate it.. Thanks
  3. ok awesome thanks, where are those links at?
  4. Hello, I've been doing research for a good month or so on different sewing machines and cannot decide on the best choice for us. There are 3 of us friends all in college who tool leather and make belts, we all feel that with a sewing machine we could take this to the next level. We all have other jobs and this is just a side between work and school, so the machine would not be used but a couple days a week for 10-15 min a time at the most. We want to start making wallets, hand clutches, purses, bags, stitched belts and so on. From what I've read because we would be making turns and stuff of that nature a triple feed with the walking foot seems to be a must. Any suggestions on a brand and model or ideas as to where to pick one up at would be greatly appreciated. Don't have to be a cadillac of a machine, just something that produces nice quality work.
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