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  1. thanks for kind words :] benlilly1 i find those watches quite a successful design as well :]
  2. Hello :] Thanks for all the input over the years, I managed to learn quite a bit before I finally have the chance to properly introduce myself :] My name is Michał (or Michael, if you choose so). I've been toying with leather for two years or so (self-taught under my own colors - "Barlogg's Workshop"), doing what I can to be better at it - which in Poland isn't exactly a simple task, very expensive GOOD supplies and such. Anyway, with my fascination with fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk things, I love making cosplay and LARP accessories, like belts, masks and such. And so - in my free time... here's a link to my deviant page if you want to see some of my other works, as well as a photo of my recent work, quite simple commissioned LARP belt for a elven lady adventurer, made mostly from about 8oz veggie-tanned leather. Thanks for watching and see you around :]
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