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  1. Thanks for the replies - electrathon - Bladetech and I think Galco both use a kind of directional snap - not sure what they are called - anyway they work really well for 1911 mag holders and similar equipment. 8 rounds of 1911 ammo is not as heavy as some of my knives, but I think it's a good proof of concept for the design - I've used them many years without issue. I may have trouble finding a source, I don't know yet. I'll have to try a liner, as you and camano suggest - I had never heard of the covers, I'll check those out also. Harag, I have tried that on one sheath for a personal knife, so I'm not an expert, but it did not work for me. It lessened the scratching, but would have still ruined a damascus or acid etched blade. thanks again for your time
  2. Nope, I haven't lined anything before. What's a good liner material? Tandy has several kinds I see. I have always used 8-9oz double shoulders, but could I also get some kind of 4-5 oz leather and glue together? I've heard of that method for gun sheaths... The scandi tutorial was great. But I want the knife to be stationary on the belt, so a hanging loop is kind of out. Truthfully, most people I know don't actually wear their knives on a belt. Either they put them in a back pocket or stow in a backpack or bag.
  3. Hello, Looking for some help with my sheaths. I want to be able to take them on and off quickly without having to take off my belt. I can put a snap in the bottom of the belt loop, but I'm pretty sure the snap inside the sheath would scratch up the blade - not good for expensive damascus steel. Does anyone have a good solution? Should I just use a clip? thanks
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