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  1. I don't think so, there were supposed to be bottles behind the sample, but they were out of stock. Below is a comparison of the image from Tanys online store, and their youtube clip showing the new waterstains. The colors are really not any similar. The youtube clip is obviously not very good with respect to color rendition, but still, the difference between the brown hues seem far greater. Anyway, does anyone know the name of the third color from black in these two images (I think it's supposed to be the same)?
  2. I am completely new to dyeing leather. I was at Tandys trying to find the middle color in the included picture (Eco flo dyes shelf), but the staff did not know the name for some reason, they thought it might be bison brown, which I can tell it's definetely not, after having bought the bison brown on ebay (actually, I think the leftmost color in the picture is bison brown). I read here on the forum that these dyes are probably discontinued, and after having worked with the bison brown, I can understand why. So I guess i'd like to find the same (or approximately the same) color as the middle color in the picture, in the new Professional Waterstain series, which seems easy to work with. I can't find any color chart or anything, and the colors aren't even listed in the same order as they appear in the picture at Tandys online store. What are they thinking? Anyway, maybe someone here can help me identifying a similar color.
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