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  1. Try this: http://www.power-shoe.nl/v2/product_detail.php?product=189&language=en I'm also curious if they have size 3 needles and for how much. The 4 and 5 are way too thick for fine work. BTW what size can you set for stitch length? And what do you mean hit and miss?
  2. About the shoe itself. Here is a picture of a shoe that best looks like what I want to achieve. (but it has a flat sole, mine is a little bit curled up, anyway the machine could access the edges no problem)
  3. Did you get a hand driven or motorized version?
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I found this pdf too! However I only see 1 item described. Didn't go through the german text though. I also realized there are 2 types of Frobanas available. One with a vinyl knob lever on the right side and the other with a rotating disc that sets the strength of the grip I guess. The manual in the pdf you sent me is for the latter. Maybe it's an older model? Anyone out there can confirm this? About the usage: I've been looking through all the videos I could find regarding outsole stitching machines and as far my "knowledge" goes it is the machine I need. I want to stitch together a 4-5 rubber sole with a 1-2mm leather upper. Nothing fancy. I'm curious what makes you think it's not? Thanks again
  5. Hi everyone, I am a total newbie but an enthusiastic one I want to make leather shoes and I figured out in order to achieve this I need a leather stitching machine. I would like to make cup-soled (soft rubber) boots (or moccassins if you like) with a 4-5mm thick sole and leather upper. The sole is more like a crepe-sole but the edges curled up. Can anyone suggest the best machine for this intended purpose? I've been looking at a hand driven Frobana, its seems like an affordable and suitable candidate, but you tell me. I'm also wondering if there are other Frobana models or only one? Because in the forums I saw some with a channel cuter knife and others with only teeth. Or it is only a question of changing parts? Also a lot of people mentioned the size of the holes the needle makes. How big is it actually? And is it possible to feed the machine with anything else than waxed thread? Im thinking about wild colored artificial threads. Any help is greatly appreciated, Happy Holidays: Robin
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