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  1. I'm in Windsor, Ontario...but hoping to call a couple places in Toronto and drive on over next week.
  2. Hey all! So, newbie here. And not even one that knows how to work with leather. I work with quilting cotton and polypropylene webbing to make dog collars, martingales to be exact...the ones that tighten up when the dog pulls, to prevent the dog from getting out of them. I keep seeing mushroom caps (or are they called rivets, or??) on leather dog collars on the edges holding the hardware on, and was wondering...would that work for my collars? Sure would be awesome not to have to stitch around my D-ring! Would that work for fabric? Thoughts? Fabric Collar by Collar Town, on Flickr
  3. Done! Thank you so much! I noticed more bar tackers on his website! Do you know of any other shops that might have bar tackers in Ontario? Yeah, I'm willing to travel
  4. Hi Tom! I don't have one yet, but would like to purchase a used one, however I'm worried about finding someone that knows the ins and outs of these machines.
  5. Hi All! SOOO excited to finally be able to join! I can see myself on here for hours! Question: Does anyone have a contact for bar tacking machine repair and service, in Ontario? Also, can a bar tacker be changed from 1 inch triangle pattern to a 2 inch box stitch? I read something about the cams being changed, and that it would cost quite a bit, anyone have a rough estimate? Thank you, Maggie
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