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  1. If you live in Texas or know someone who does, I'm in the NE part of the state. http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/art/3815856778.html I'm not up to it anymore and mama needs a new dryer. Mike
  2. Thanks for the replies. Now I have some ideas. Mike
  3. I have some gray cow suede. It's chap weight. At one time I had planned a jacket but the material is just too heavy. It's rather dark gray. Any ideas as to what I can use this for? I have 4 hides totaling 41 sq. ft. It's too heavy to mail and there are no local leather workers to trade with. I figure it might be useful for projects but my mind draws a blank. I do not have much experience with suede. It's a bit darker than the photo. Mike
  4. I tried to email you but it bounced.
  5. I have one. I'd prefer to keep the shipping in the US. $10 plus shipping. Mike
  6. Thanks, the denatured alcohol wasn't getting anywhere. Mike
  7. Sound like a good idea. The interior of the cover needs to be soft. Mine feels like felt. The exterior of mine resembles Moroccan grain or similar leather. Laid flat it is 7 3/4" x 11". The spine seems to be just over 3/4". Hope this helps. Mike
  8. Three sides of the Kindle are used by the owner. Left and right sides have buttons to turn the page. The bottom has the power on switch and controls for audio and the USB mini connector. Mike My guess would be corner slots at the two bottom corners and a cup at the top. This would allow access to all the buttons and secure it at three places. It'd have to fit snug. Mike
  9. Here are some photos of an Amazon Kindle Cover. Note the tabs used to keep the Kindle in. If the Kindle is lifted by itself, these tabs can break. They slide into the Kindle. Mike
  10. Mt rubber cement jar and brush sat ignored for a couple of years. There was only about 1/4" or less of glue in the plastic jar and it has been removed. But the brush is somewhat stiff. I'm soaking it in denatured alcohol. It doesn't seem to have an effect. I can use a paint brush but if possible, I'd like to restore this bottle and brush. Mike
  11. I was just curious. I bought this from Robb Barr. He said it was really helpful for him and I had the money. I do not think it was that much. It comes in useful when you want fine hair cut deep. To create individual hairs.
  12. This is a modified swivel knife. It uses spacers and X-Acto blades. You can use the blades with 0, 1, 2 or more spacers between. Using X-Acto knives results in deeper, finer hair details. Of course, there are many new tools out for hair so I do not know if this is any better or not. This one is used in the same manner as a swivel knife. I'm curious as to whether or not it's still made and if anyone has or does use one. I used it when I last did figure carving with hair.
  13. Ok, the patterns break down as follows: Pages are about 18 1/2" x 13", 20 pages total. Each page in the package is numbered. Pages 1,2,3,5 have 6 patterns for wallets, checkbooks and such. Page 4 is similar but has 5 patterns. Page 7 is a purse pattern, page 8 is a zipper purse. Pages 9 & 10 are cowboy portraits, Hollywood style. Page 11 has a pair of boot tops. Page 12 contains 6 holster patterns. (patterns for holsters not how to make a holster) Page 13 has a card case and picture. Page 14 has 5 pictures and a belt pattern. Pages 15 and 16 have rodeo scenes, 4 on p.15 and 3 on p. 16. Page 17 has a picture of a rider on a bucking bronco and a belt pattern. Page 18 is a guest book pattern and belt pattern. Pages 19 and 20 are for a guestbook with an 'archer'. The archer is on p. 19 and the floral background is on p. 20. Mike PS there is also a small pamphlet 'The Technique of Leather Carving for Students and Hobbyists. Pardon my mistake. Please correct the following: Page 7 is a purse pattern, page 8 is a zipper purse. to read: Page 6 is a purse pattern, page 7 is a zipper purse. Page 8 contains 13 flower patterns. Needless to say, there a lot of patterns.
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