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    Sulphur Oklahoma
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    Leather, guitars, guns, tools. Making them, working with them. playing with them, exploring possibilities with them.
    Books, I love books. Anthropology, the origins of everything, The Bible. The origins of the people known as Rednecks, Books on the lost or vanishing ways of making everything.
    A really good pot of coffee.
    A really cool cup of water from the well.
    FOOD. I love to cook good food almost as much as I like eating.
    Flux, everything is always in a state of flux.
    Satellite and cable TV, how can people justify paying for 2400+ hours of programming a day when the most they can watch is 24? Glad I don't have it, just find that interesting.

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I was fairly active in leather work and on LeatherWorker.Net until a few years ago. A series of family illnesses kept me away from home for days at a time. Priorities got shifted trying to keep the family/household together.

But everything is coming back together again. Got a new PC. A new job I've been at for just over a year selling auto parts for a major parts chain, whereas before I'd been a welder, metal fabricator, assembler in the oil and gas well service industries for more than three decades. Dug out my pistols, rifles and back out with my beds at the shooting range and matches.

Now if I can just get everyone elses crap off of my bench and off my PC I might get some leatherwork done and keep some commitments that don't involve a host of inlaws of every stripe. We don't live in a single family dwelling at the time but real soon that is going change.

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