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  1. Wiz - thanks for the advice - did not think about brining the leather with me to test (honestly I am real new at this). I am now also considering a 7yr old Consew 206RB5 with its stock clutch motor for 850.00 and a PFAFF 1545 (dont know how old it is yet or motor or needles etc., ) for 750.00. They are both in working condition. My question is ....... which should I focus on? The Juki LU-563 I originally inquired about is definitely older - about 20 yrs old and it's been dismounted from its table - so I am considering it less.
  2. I found a Juki LU-563 with table - in working condition (so he said - I haven't seen it in person yet - just photo) asking price is 800.00 - is that fair? I was hoping to pay around 500.00 but knowing nothing about these Looking to sew leather belts; leashes; heavy duty vests etc., Looking for some guidance. thanks!!
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