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  1. Sorry I didn't reply earlier, been busy, but I have been looking around. I have no plans to do any carving or stamping for now... that all seems quite a bit beyond me... Is all veg-tanned leather stiff? And is it possible to treat leather to soften or harden it? Also, what do you do when you need a particular colour? Is it easier to find something off the shelf, or to dye something to the shade you'd like? I've been able to pick up a sample of Hermann Oak UK Bridle leather and I'm quite surprised. It's dyed black, but I was expected it to be struck through. A bit more flexible than I expected though.
  2. Done! As northmount noted, I'm in Singapore. There's only one local supplier of leather that I know of, stocking just "leather" for upholstery and shoemaking work. Luckily ordering stuff off the web is a very reasonable option for me, especially from US based stores. I had a quick look at Springfield Leather's web site, and I have to say I'm still confused as to what's a good starting point. Will take a look at Tandy as well.
  3. Hello, I'm yet another new-to-the-forums person with an interest in learning leathercrafting. I've been lurking for a while now, and have a friend who's guided me through a simple card holder project that involved stitching, but haven't done much beyond that. I have a lot of questions, but I guess the first ones are: Is there a guide to the different types of leathers available? I've seen the pinned threads in the "All About Leather" section, and I'm trying to relate that to what I see available for sale around the web. Also, is there anywhere that sells small quantities of the different types of leather? I wouldn't be able to make use of a whole side (or at least I can't imagine doing so), and especially since right now I'm not exactly sure which kind of leather I want. Some of the projects I have in mind are leather pouches / pencil cases, and a few cuff / bracelet type items if that helps. Thanks!
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