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  1. sliverwinget and byggyns, thanks or the thread size. I haven't ordered yet and think I'll go with 1.0 mm. Sorcerer1 that made me laugh. Thanks again everyone for all your help.
  2. Thanks CaptQuirk. I have Weldwood contact cement and had planned to use that. I had not read anything about cutting the leather on a curve, I'll have to read up on that. Thanks for the heads up. Ya'll are starting to make me a little nervous about the ambitious sewing project. Maybe I'll switch and make my first belt just a good heavy work belt and use one layer of the 8/9 oz side. Sooner or later though, I'll have to sew that belt. As my old boss use to say, as he left my with new project, "no step for a stepper". Thanks agian all. Emmo
  3. Thanks Dwight, sounds like the .6 mm Slam would work. Perhaps I'll drop down to a Size 4 (004) needle. I probably should order a pack of size 4 & 2 John James needles. garpl, I'll check out Egyptian Leather as well. Thanks everyone for the advice and comments.
  4. The sewing thread I listed (Slam)was the thread that Nigel Armitage reviewed, that's were I became aware of it. The source where I found it, Lekoza, was from a discussion thread that I read here on leatherworker.net. When I said gun belt, what I meant was just a belt heavy enough to support a gun. What I was thinking was two layers of the 5/7 oz glued and then hand stitched. I believe the Slam thread is suppose to be very similar to Tiger. Is the .6 mm a reasonable choice or should I have heavier? Also, is 6 spi a good choice? Thanks for the replies.
  5. I’m fairly new to working with leather. So far I have made a dozen or so gun holsters, mostly using whatever materials I had on hand and using Tandy for anything I was missing. I’m going to make a gun belt for my next project, but I’m trying to be a little better prepared before starting. I’ve spent the past few weeks reading back through old discussions and watching videos on making belts. Here is what I have and plan to order, along with a few details. I’m going to cut my own blanks 1 ½ inch wide. I have two pieces from Tandy, 5/7 oz double shoulder and 8/9 oz side. I’m planning to cut two blanks from the double shoulder and glue together and stitch. I’m going to hand stitch the two layers, 6 SPI using an overstitch wheel to layout the pattern. My needles are from Tandy and based on and old discussion I found here, I would say they are comparable to a size 2 (002) using the John Jones chart (55 mm long x 1.02 mm dia). For thread, I had planned to order .8 mm Slam from Lekoza, but I don’t see they have it in black. They do have .6 mm in black so perhaps that would work. I’ll be using an Osborne awl for the holes. I’d welcome any thoughts or suggestions you would care to make. Would the .6 mm Slam be a good choice for the thread or is there something else I should consider? Thanks.
  6. Dwight, that looks like the one I used and it came from Tandy. Thanks
  7. Thanks Greg. I'm just getting started, so I've much to learn. I'll clean up the sewing lines on my next one, but I was in a hurry to get this one completed so I could try it out. I made three pancake style with belt loops first, but I really like the convenience of the clip on. Think that's what I'll concentrate on for the next several projects. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Thanks JLS, that does look to be more secure. I'll check for those at Tandy's later this week.
  9. Sorry for the double post, please respond to this one. Thanks
  10. I'm new to Leather working and have started by making a couple of holsters. Over the weekend I made my first clip on for a small caliber auto. I want to attempt a few more clip on for small revolvers ( S &W J frame). I'm headed to Tandy's later this week for some things I need and thought I'd ask for some opinions on clips. When I picked up the clip in the picture I had no idea what I should be using, I just picked a clip off the display. I'm going to pick up several more clips and was wondering if anyone can offer advice on which style/size I should be using? I'm planning to make a couple of holster for the S&W J frame that will clip OWB and another for the little LCP that will clip OWB. Any advice on the best clips to use and best method to attach to holster. Thanks.
  11. franko2, thanks for the follow up. A couple of more questions if you don't mind. Did you leave flaps on the gussets to turn inside the bag? Would you say the gussets are 4-5 oz., lighter, heavier? Has the bag held it's shape well? Thanks again, I appreciate your guidance. I made my pattern today 9" wide 8" high and 7.5" deep. I have a luggage rack attached to the back of my sissy bar and I made the patter to fit the luggage rack. Once I pickup the leather I'll be ready to give it a go.
  12. franko2, I really like your design. I'm thinking about attempting one very similar and appreciate any information/advice you can share. What weight leather did you use? I'm new to the site and new to leather working (couple of gun holsters) so hopefully my terminology won't be too bad. Thanks Emmo.
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