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  1. in sunny (but chilly) Houston

  2. off later today...NZ...USA [CA,FL]...HN,MX...USA[FL,PA,TX,CA]

    1. Trox


      Have a nice trip, and do not do anything I would not do (thats not much):)

  3. "stealing" more machinery [utter madness!...lol!!]

  4. finished another machine,now onto another round of house renno's.

  5. finishing stretch on the Pearson[bUSM#6] rebuild ..scratch built lube pot being painted,new handle"turned"..and other details almost finalised.

  6. acquired more machinery..a "Patent Elastic" patcher and [grief!] another Singer 29K patcher..

  7. weeks of "keep the partner happy" home renovation ..right on the finishing phase of my Pearson..darn

  8. gas welding ..ran out of acetylene..darn

  9. Kingsley M75 foil stamp machine

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