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  1. Thanks so much guys, much appreciated.
  2. Sorry I thought my picture was uploaded. It's just the basic swing guide that lays flat on the bed, I'll try uploading it again. It's for the 2 holes in the center of the bed along the side.
  3. Just picked up a 111w155, also bought a swing away edge guide. What size is the bed screw that tightens the guide? Or if anyone can link me to the correct screw. I have a smaller thumb screw for another bed but the 111w opening is much bigger. Thanks
  4. Hi, Is there any benefit to turning the top 3 hole thread guide horizontal compared to vertically? I see many people turn them horizontal and was curious if there was any difference? Thanks.
  5. After going through it again, the lower shaft gear and hook both have their own set screws. I may be overlooking something obvious but like I said before regardless of where the lower shaft gear goes into the vertical shaft gear should not make a difference as after the gear is locked onto the shaft I can rotate the hook to where it needs to go. Am I over looking something?
  6. Thanks for the response! Should I rotate it one tooth towards me or away from me to get the take up to set the stitch slightly sooner? Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I have browsed this forum for few months and it is a wealth of information. I just recently got a singer 245-2 (not using it for leather but hoping I can get some help). I went through the entire machine, cleaned and oiled and greased two gears. I replaced the hook, needle bar and a few other bits. My initial adjustments: -feed dog height (valley of teeth level with plate) -needle bar height (had no timing marks, so I lowered to bottom then went up 3/32" from bottom then adjusted for hook) -hook point to middle of scarf. -check spring stops when needle enters material My issues: -It seems the stitch is being pulled up and set "late" with the take up lever when the feed dogs have moved the fabric back a bit already. It makes a loud grinding/stretching sound with the thread (although I have never broken thread yet). I can feel the upper thread get extremely tight on the slack bar to the left of the tension. -Rear end of feed dog is slightly more elevated compared to the closet end of feed dog. When it rises to make contact with material, the rear half comes up at a slight angle then will level out. The feed eccentric is locked with the pointed position screw plus two other set screws, so I don't see it being wrong. I did have to remove the lower gear when I replaced the shaft, I did mark how it was before disassembly. Is it possibly it was wrong before I took it apart? Is the lower gear meshing really that particular when I can just rotate/time hook to where I need it? Any information will be greatly appreciated, thanks. Joe By the way- I really only sew 10oz denim on my machines.
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