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  1. Thanks dirkba, this looks cool and I am going to check it out. Hi Bob I looked at dirkba's idea and will try your as well, I tried to mould the 2 ox stuff but maybe it was not wet enough, Ill post some photos of my attempts.
  2. Hello I am new to this forum, I am recently back into leather work, and my wife wants me to make her a leather corset. I bought the Tandy corset pattern, then modified it to fit and removed the breast area (made it an underbust) because my wife has a small waist, but DD breasts. I want to wet mould the leather cups but am not sure if I can and not sure how to get the leather to stretch that much (DD) size. I am using veg tan, about 3 ounce leather for the corset, should I use the same for the breast cups, or is what I am trying to achieve impossible? If it is then any ideas as to where I can get a pattern to make the cups with Darts? I really want to avoid the idea of creating a shelf for her breasts, I want to make a shape fitting Corset, to accentuate her. Thanks in advance, great sit as well.
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