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  1. Thank you all for replies. I'm really impressed by the site but more so by the camaraderie that's pervasive. I'm hoping I can find a source within decent driving distance to sponge up knowledge. Thanks again!
  2. Hi everyone. My name is Scott and I'm seeking guidance if it's available. I come from the fabric world and even though I've been in the textile industry and sewing for myself and friends for years I've always had a stray eye for cow skin. Well, I'm 48 and if I'm going to step outside my comfort zone now is about as good a time as any. I have two questions and I'm sure they're close to what most novices ask - 1. What's the ante? I've always put off learning the craft because I assumed the initial investment was more than I should take on. From what I've read so far I'm thinking around $300.00. Oh, I should say I'm interested in constructing bags, packs and such. I really enjoy reproducing antique patterns. 2. Where the hell do I start? I'm pretty shocked the past few days reading posts and how-to's how I was lost reading two sentences. I would love to encounter someone willing to mentor me. I guess that's it for now. I'm really happy I found you all and I have a feeling this might be a good thing. Thanks for reading. Take it easy.
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