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  1. Thanks! it sure is a small world eh...I live near Saint John..the southern wet and foggy area...haha
  2. well here is my first little project. The first one was the Canadian Flag, its a mess, I shoulda had a stamp....but oh well...first one and two down range. this is the second fob
  3. Hey Folks, I'm just getting interested in leatherwork, kinda started my first project tonight, real simple, quick key fob, Ill post a pic as soon as I figure this out and have a sec. I even just got my set today from a another gentlemen who got out of doing it, so I've got a lot to start with. Im mostly going to be interested in belts, key fobs, and were im a firefighter by trade, firefighting stuff like radio straps and holsters. so if anyone has any patterns for such items, please...send away! also looking for folks from this area, I don't have a real good supply system where i'm at, other than ordering online from a province across the puddle. thanks so much, this site seems like it will be very helpful, and a great tool in itself, and everyone seems very friendly! thanks again,, Dave
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