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    Centerfire saddle rigging

    The wider cinches make all the difference, but I find they need to be much shorter than we are used to, 26" for most horses, 24" for lighter bodied ones, look me up on Facebook, David Holderfield, Vinita Oklahoma or poco a poco vaquero gear
  2. Davidbane

    Centerfire saddle rigging

    I ride a few centerfire saddles, both ring rig's and some cable rigs, I really like the cable rigs because I remove the stops and let the cinch go where it wants, my leaner, flanked, faster horses fall between a center and 5/8's and my fat hancocks run 3/4 to 7/8, but on my ceterfire saddles I use a 8 to 9 inch wide cinch, never have to tighten up and really like it, more and more I look for flat flanked horses, that I can run ceterfires on, i like the ride better, I also ride a 5/8's single in ranch bronc, on a slick fork without buck'n rolls, and wouldn't have it any other way, dunno how to add pics or I would