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  1. For centering holes, I punched a series of different sized holes in a thick scrap piece. I center the next largest size up from the size hole I want to punch on my project piece on my mark as a guide.
  2. I'd like to order several different sizes/SPI of Seiwa stitching chisels. I plan to get a six prong and two prong in each size. Are the prongs different widths depending on SPI? Not sure if I need individual single prong chisels or are they all the same? Spence
  3. Does anyone know of a U.S. vendor for any of the Japanese stitching chisels? I'm wanting to get them faster than ordering from goodsjapan. Thanks. Spence
  4. I used a 3" table leg from lowes. Already had a screw in it that I used in my drill.
  5. I've searched here, and the internet, eBay, Amazon, and can't find a seller/dealer in the US. I could order directly from goodsjapan, but would like to get them sooner than they can get them here. Any ideas? Thanks. Spence
  6. Great! Thanks for the reply:) I've made a few smaller bags, kind of as test runs, so to speak, just to see what happens with the the folds/edges and how the top would work, although I haven't made one with a frame. I think I've got those things worked out in my mind to the point where I'm ready to give it a try. This will be my first "real" project with decent$ leather (I've made several purses and messenger bags). I've used mostly softer, thinner 4-5oz oily leather. I knew I wanted something thicker and harder, but not too thick. I've seen similar bags made with 8-10oz bridle. Do you think that would be a good type of leather to use? Again, I want in to be rigid to a point, but not like wood! Wickett and Craig has 8-10oz bridle sides on sale in a few colors due to overstock for $140. I've heard they can/will thin it, or part of it, to whatever you want. Seems that would be necessary for the gussets. Can you please take a few more pictures, particularly of the gussets and the openingframe of the of the bag? Also, I guess the seams on the gussets are exposed? Seems like it would be difficult to sew it inside out and evert it. Thanks so much:) Spence
  7. Sorry. Wrong place. Can this be moved to the correct forum, please?
  8. Hello! I plan to make a "docto bag". I've searched here and have some ideas. I've made some messenger bags with 4-5oz oil tanned, and this is too thin/light for the bag I invision. I want it to be sturdy, but not so thick/heavy as to make the bag extremely hard/rigid. What weight would be good? Thinking about latigo. Where should I look to purchase? Thanks in advance:) Spence
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