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  1. I got my Critical Role (a D&D podcast / Twitch show) costume 2/3 complete in time for DragonCon this past weekend in Atlanta. I posted the boots before, but folks were interested in the entire thing, so here it is! The character, Percy de Rolo, is a gunslinger. Most people go with a steampunk / "weird west" vibe, but I came up with a design that has 17th/18th century and older influences. Breastplate: Artwork by a friend, I cheated here and used a v-gouge for wood carving so I could have the entire thing done in a day. I need to do some edge lacing or other finishing on all the chrome tan it's affixed to. Was originally gonna be all layered vegtan, but needed a slimmer profile because this will eventually go under a coat. Gun things: Made a rifle sling and a flintlock holster, the latter in my hotel room, ha ha. The brass spots are aged a bit with vinegar and salt to give them a slight patina. Boots: Articulated sabatons with greaves on top of equestrian boots with some ridiculous spur leathers. I learned the hard way to put some threadlock in my chicago screws (only popped a couple at stress points and had spares in my pockets). Pauldron: Designed inspired by a Musketeers TV show. It pulled a bit at my breastplate, so it's getting some rigging modifications. Wool is dyed scrap and I had fun getting it dark enough. Bits and bobs: A few other leather things (like my plague doctor mask, belt, bandolier, and neck stock) and some fun props, like a powder horn (soon to get some scrimshaw) and some black powder "apostles" turned out of wood. This was my first big costume build (made almost entirely from water damaged leather I got from Craigslist) and I'm excited to finish the rest! Most of what's left to make is clothing and guns, but I do plan to make a fancy leather gauntlet for V2.
  2. Yup, I noticed my mask ended up reallly shiny, heh. I'm hoping that'll go down when I do some weathering techniques on it. I'll know better for next time!
  3. LOL. Yeah, that's Dexter. To be fair, he's done his fair share of "helping" me work. Still has some USMC black Fiebling's in his tail currently, ha ha.
  4. I should, lemme check my scrap this evening and make sure I still have everything in easy reach - I moved some of my bins around.
  5. I agree, it needs *something*. I'll give my resolene a shot, I've had success toning down the gloss in the past.
  6. I recently made a plague doctor mask in 3/4 vegtan and painted it with several coats of Angelus white paint. I see that Angelus makes its own finishers (I'm eyeing the satin), but was curious if folks have their own favorite to use? This is my first painted piece; I'm used to dyeing stuff. This is a costume piece that will be worn indoors, and mainly needs to be protected from convention wear-and-tear. It doesn't have to stay pristine, but I don't want it to get prematurely dinged up, either. Photo included, with bonus cat (his name is Dexter and he is my "assistant").
  7. Thanks, and I feel the same way! I really want to teach more leather working skills in the cosplay community -- right now, the big thing is EVA foam, because people think it's the fastest or most inexpensive solution or they are intimidated by leather. On the flip side, though, knowing your way around EVA foam makes it easy to pattern and make prototypes for leather, ha ha. Though for me, the EVA foam ironically tends to be the bigger expense. (I have an absurd amount of leather I bought for pennies on the dollar from Craigslist. Those boots cost me maybe $20 in vegtan.)
  8. Thank you! And yes, I meant "keepers", lol. Thank you! I wish I could embed my motion test to show off the articulation. :D About 24 hours, including patterning. (I'm trying to get in the habit of writing down my build times for future reference.) Watched a lot of Netflix while stitching and doing the texture stamp, ha ha.
  9. I recently finished my first bit of armor work, this pair of greaves and sabatons (and spur leathers with no spurs, ha ha). I'm cosplaying as a D&D character from a popular web series (Percy from Critical Role) and designed a costume with a bunch of historical nods to what is a fantasy gunslinger. So, it's a little gothic, a little 17th century musketeer, a little steampunk. I own a pair of very comfy riding boots, so patterned everything custom for as tight a fit as possible. The added weight is noticeable, but I can still run, jump, etc. I've got strap savers to add, a little color matching to do, and some additional weathering/antiquing, but I'm pretty dang happy for my first big leather project. The completed costume will have a leather breastplate, pauldron, plague doctor mask, rifle sling, gauntlet, sidearm holster, and misc accessories. So, I'm no where finished, lol.
  10. ALL THE LIZARD HAS BEEN SOLD THANK YOU I just have a few bags of caiman remnants, plus some tails: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pqc71halux5igmp/AABTW Each photo is a separate $12 lot. Larger caiman pieces are older skins and have some cracking between the rows of scales, so be aware here. The bigger caiman pieces are best suited for flat applications, cut up into inlays, or made into costume accessories for post-apoc and similar grungy genres. Smaller caiman stuff is more pliable and the finishes vary from matte to shiny. There might be some cracking, so again, make sure this is suitable for your project at hand. Or maybe you just want a handful of caiman to enjoy the unique aroma that is reptile skin. I won't judge.If you are interested in specific lots, just tell me the number on the card. If you want to buy everything, but aren't sure on the quality, buy just 1 or 2 items and I will hold the rest while you assess for a day. Each lot is around 100g in weight. I ship USPS from Orlando, Florida. I will remove photos from Dropbox as they sell.
  11. Phew, I took photos of EVERY bag against my 1" squared cutting mat. Everything is here in dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pqc71halux5igmp/AABTWuh9rS9wX74nUQOYIezAa?dl=0 Each photo is a separate $12 lot. Larger caiman pieces are older skins and have some cracking between the rows of scales, so be aware here. The bigger caiman pieces are best suited for flat applications, cut up into inlays, or made into costume accessories for post-apoc and similar grungy genres. The lizard stuff, on the other hand, is still suitable for fancy things, there are only a few lots where the finish is uneven, and the change is clearly visible. If you are interested in specific lots, just tell me the number on the card. Each lot is around 100g in weight. I ship USPS from Orlando, Florida. I will remove photos from Dropbox as they sell.
  12. LG1, LG2 and LK1 are being reserved.
  13. Lots LB1-3 have sold. Looking to add more photos, orchestra wiped me out this weekend.
  14. LB1-3 on hold. Will remove photos of bags that sell. Just to be clear, if there's a photo with a card, those are the exact skins for sale in that bag. I have more bags than photos and will try to snap some more shots once I get back from orchestra tonight.
  15. Plus, it keeps 'em out of my good stuff when I need to do lacing, lol. Anyone who has cats know how much they like to "help". I keep all my scratched and water damaged stuff now, too, and toss off a toy when I get the chance. Spoiled little things.
  16. Yay, I got it right, then! Good idea, there's a bit of space left in there. :D
  17. Where it came from I acquired a large amount of reptile remnants when I bought out a small handbag/accessories maker. I don't know much about reptile skins, since I normally work in cow hide. What I have Remnants are mostly lizard, with some gator/caiman. I have sorted them by color (and mostly species) in 100g bags. Skins have a shiny finish and look to be between 1-1.5 oz. They are thin. Because these are remnants, there will be some wax pencil marks, weird sizes, holes, creases, etc. I imagine they'd be good for jewelry and inlays. I have photographed the contents of 8 specific bags. The squares on the cutting mat are in inches. I tried to keep consistent when I packed each bag, so those not photographed will look similar to these 8. The green and tan photographed a little dark. You can buy a specific bag (please use the ref# on the card in the photo), or a random bag from the following additional stock: #LB Tan/brown lizard: 17 #LK Black lizard (might have some gator mixed in): 6 #LG Green lizard: 3 #GB Brown gator / caiman: 10 How much it costs Each bag is $12 USD. Shipping is USPS from Florida, zipcode 32716.
  18. Thanks! Showed that to my partner, it should be perfect for this costume.
  19. Looking for purple/plum garment leather for a pair of patchwork breeches and panels on a doublet. Doesn't have to be a side, if remnants are large enough.
  20. I've got some knapsacks I'm working on, but in the meantime -- My kitty Ada always likes playing with my lace (I daren't leave it out unattended), so I made her a little friend to play with. She likes tossing it around. :3 This is just a tassel with a silly "hat". It's probably going to be a stock stitching project for my "leather 101" workshops at comic conventions where I run cosplay programming.
  21. Hello! I've lurked for quite a while, and finally have more time to be active here. I've been a classical oboist, graphic designer, and web developer for over 18 years and have decided to add leatherworking to my list of trades. Been at it for 2.5 years now. Much of what I make are small fandom-inspired items for comic/anime conventions. Keychains, wallets, patches, etc. My partner and I also cosplay and work on commission for people who want full costumes, or just a piece or two. I also am starting a line of leather goods for fellow costumers - useful accessories, etc. Here is my Year 1 lot: The weirdest thing I have made so far is that mask. I decided a weekend before a convention that I'd be the "Doof Warrior" from Mad Max:Fury Road. It was a quick build, and it shows, but I had a lot of fun: Here's my partner and myself as Schmendrick the Magician and Molly Grue from The Last Unicorn (I made the bag I'm holding, my partner did everything else): And here is my partner as a gladiator-inspired Wonder Woman (I made the cuirass. This was our first collab and we already plan to redo it, ha ha. The manica was literally made in the hotel room, boy was it rushed.) I'm on the right as Sam Vimes from the Discworld book series. The leathers there were made by a friend, as they pre-dated when I picked up this hobby. I hope to make a few dragons as props soon. And also expand to sewing garments, can't let my partner have all the fun there. Because of the nature of our own cosplays and those from clients, the types of things I make vary constantly. I am always checking craigslist and other forums to find supplies for cheap. I have scored some amazing deals and might end up listing some of my excess stash in the future. (It's hard to part with stuff, though, because you literally don't know if your next commission will need that weird piece of leather that's been in the back of the studio closet for 2 years.) It's all very fun and I'm grateful for the information I've gleaned from these boards. And if anyone needs a web developer for their online store or whatever, please drop me a line! I'm always open to partial trades.
  22. Hi. I tend to lurk. :)

    Contact me if you are looking for a web developer / graphic designer who is a fellow leatherworker. I am open to doing partial trades for supplies/tools and sometimes finished pieces.

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