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  1. Hey Y'all! Please bare with me as I have no clue what I'm talkin about when it comes to leather working or shoe repair. I grew up behind a sewing machine and have been recently stumped when it comes to a pair of vintage cowgirl boots I purchased. I've been collectin cowgirl boots for years now and have about 30 pairs. Now, I've searched for a pair of vintage bright red leather cowgirl boots for ages, and given that I'm a size 9, it's proven quite difficult to find a vintage pair in my size, until now. However they're not exactly what I wanted...it seems they've been resoled with leather, but then a black rubber heel which I HATE. I prefer a wooden stacked heel...so to get to the point... 1.) Can you just order replacement heels online, specifically the wooden stacked type (I've had no luck in my search)? 2.) Can you also raise the height of the heel, currently they're at 2 1/8 inch (I know, high)...but is it possible to have them slightly higher? even by 1/2 inch? 3.) Given that they are vintage, they run a little narrow, as far as stretching goes is there a method I could try at home? Or is it best to leave it to the professionals? Don't know if y'all have any recommendations when it comes to websites, or places you send your boots? Don't want to pay an arm and a leg but I'm willing to pay a fair price for quality hard work! Thanks so much, God Bless! I've attached a photo of the boots!
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