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  1. I keep hearing about great places to buy carving leather in Montreal but no one ever passes on the actual names (trade secret I guess although I'm really just a hobbyist). I've googled it every which way I can think of but still no luck - just plenty of places that sell finished leather goods. Does anyone have any tips to pass on. I live about 3 hours drive away and am willing to make a shopping trip but can't even locate addresses so far. Thanks in advance
  2. I'm looking on some tips for thinning Barge cement. My local Tandy's only sells a generic thinner which they say will work but other folks have warned me against. Even if it does work I would have to buy a litre which is a little pricey and is a lot of thinner that I'll have around for a long time. Does anyone have experience with thinning with other materials that might be available to me locally in smaller quantities? Thanks
  3. I agree completely but my knife skills aren't good enough for that yet (I'm practicing though)
  4. I tried that yesterday with the initials "WKT" and the WK came out good but the T is right out to lunch. I've got the vertical spacing in hand, its more the horizontal spacing that is giving me the problem.
  5. I've been working with some letter stamps (initials on wallets, etc) but I can't seem to get the spacing between the letters to look the same. Are there any tricks that can help get more even spaced looking lettering. Thanks in advance folks.
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