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  1. Basically using it in an archery glove, the contact point will be bent around the string. On a good week I used to shoot 2000 arrows. Not quite at that volume any more but 500 a week wouldn't be unthinkable. The leathers on my target shooting tab lasted 2 years at the 2K arrows a week level. By slick I mean lubricated to increase wear resistance with the string drag. Should have been more open about the project instead of beating around the bush.
  2. I'm playing around with a kangaroo hide I purchased and need to make a few extremely slick pieces of leather that I will withstand flexing. I'm playing around with a few waxes/polishes I purchased but I'm thinking the experts can get me further ahead with some well timed advise. Basically slick as possible and it will be folded in half thousands of times. Edit: tried so far Lincoln stain wax shoe polish and Job site Heavy Duty Waterproof - and maybe I'm just rushing it and need to give it a few days but its got a slightly tacky slightly waxy feel. Searching here I'm going to grab some Sno-Seal to try but anything else?
  3. Thanks, I wasn't having luck with 69 thread - I found someplace to send the machine for repair, its driving me insane not being able to figure it out. I think theres some wear and timing issues.
  4. Does anyone here happen to be an expert in 3334 bartackers? I have one I'm trying to setup and I'm having a bunch of stitching issues. The machine itself is in excellent condition, so I'm guessing its something to do with timing or part wear in the tension etc.
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