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  1. Hey guys no harm done here I myself personally was surprised when I had inquiries about that book before I reposted my stuff with the leather tools book together in the lot. I was wondering why these inquiries came up and coincedentally both inquiries asked me if I had that book too since i had the stitching and csse making book from Al, and would sell it with the other books. They wanted the paperback issue which I do have. I went inline to investigate if there were no paperback issues anymore which to me is surprising, I stumbled upon links to Tandy that they had it in PDF form of some kind that one can download for $10 USD maybe less. And those links led me to dozens of paperback book issues of the leather tools in prices ranging from $300 USD that have folds and tears in them and the mint ones that had $500 to $600 USD. I thought it was a joke and didn't bother at all think in it wouldn't be that possible since there books that are hardbound that can be bought and have almost the same concepts in context. Well my bad to have mentioned it honest mistake no harm done to me and thanks for being honest. I have no intentions of scamming or taking anyone's money dishonestly. I easrn my money thru hard work in leather working so hope I didn't mislead anyone if I did I apologize. With regards to the verges stitch marker wheels set I did pay that amount since I am from the Philippines I have to pay custom duties wen shipping stuff from the west. Its not easy here. If anyone who is a foreigner and had resided here in my country you will understand what I'm talking about. Anyways happy holidays to everyone here. If anyone's interested to take any of the stuff just send me a pm I'd be happy to listen to any offers. If any of these stuff is sold well good and thanks extra cash to keep my smalltime business going and if it won't sell its OK it'll stay in the box. Again I apologize my bad. Thanks! Ritch https://www.flickr.com/photos/ritchremoleather/
  2. Reposting this lot of assorted stamp tools, adjustable Craftool swivel knife, Chan Geer pattern packs and more plus three Al Stohlman books and one of which is the hard to find paperback issue which I have kept in great condition. This leather tools book by Al cost around $600 USD new at Amazon and around $300 to $400 used with some abuse. I also have 3 replacement stitch marker wheels sizes 4,5,6 from Vergez-Blanchard which I purchased with shipping and taxes around $200 USD. I have no use for these stuff and would like to turn them into cash to fund my leatherworking. I will $350 USD for the lot and will ship via DHL door to door shipping Shipping is quite expensive here and that stohlman book is a steal with this lot's price. Pls. Pm me if interested. Thanks! Ritch R ! I am selling the whole lot for
  3. Hell LW folks, Just want to bump my post for these three sized stitch wheel markers for marking slanted holes for European saddle stitching. These wheels are of no use to me but it may be to someone here. $100 USD shipped to conus. someone told me their like 30-40 each but even if I got this at a higher price each from France which I paid more for custom duties for such small items I am selling them cause their just here with no use at all. Thanks !
  4. sorry its chan geer not chan beer. typoerror. im using my tablet. thanks!
  5. No idea about that one but I bought mine direct and I had it shipped to me from europe and paid extra custom duties here to claim the set. BTW, these are brand new as well, but bought and kept just kept them with no use.
  6. I apologize for posting this topic on the wrong section of LW. I now got it posted at the items for sale section. Thanks! Ritch
  7. Here's three stitch marking wheels I am letting go without the handle for $150 USD shipped to USA. If someone's interested and is up for fabricating a nice handle for these wheels. Three sizes #4,#5,#6 spi. They can go thru thin leathers so no need for stitch punch or awl. For thicker leather it makes marks and shallow cuts that will help start the stitch punch iron or awl in place. These makes those Hermes and Louis Vuitton stitching style that is slanted. Very nice to have in your toolbox. Makes those stitch marks easier and aligned.top to bottom #4,#5,#6. Thanks pls. Send me a message for those interested._----_ritch
  8. Selling 9 border stamps and swivel knife set for $150 USD shipped to USA. These tools alone cost $9.95usd each at Tandy. The carving knife at $19.95usd at atndy as well. Will throw in an English paring knife that cost me $50 usd. I have no use for these tools. I have my own patterns and they have no place in my designs. These were given to me and bought by a relative, thought these were the tools I want but were not. Made up of craftool usa,craft Japan and kyoshin Elle brands. Very nice impressions. The knife is a craftool brand. The paring knife is handmade from Japan. Thanks!
  9. Here's 7 pattern packs that value around $15 USD each will sell all 7 packs for $100 USD shipped to USA. No use for them I draw my own patterns and I do mostly the non-sheridan designs. Thanks!
  10. by the way the Vergez-Blanchard markers are really sharp. when used on very thin leathers it already makes the slanted stitch holes. so a pricking iron is not necessary as the slanted Hermez and LV stitch hole marks are already there if used on a bit thicker leather it doesn't go thru the leather you need to punch with a prick iron or use a saddlers awl. but nevertheless it makes marks with initial cut thru the leather to help start teh hole. very well made. i have not used them and just kept them. thanks! rtich
  11. Hello good folks of LW! If anyone is interested i am selling my Vergez-Blanchard stitch wheel markers without the handle. anyone can fashion a handle for these great stitch markers since the handle from VB tools are easy to fabricate. to me it looks similar to a leather creaser from tandy with the wing nut screws to hole in place the wheels. I have three sizes. anyone interested i'd be happy to entertain inquiries (richdomino@yahoo.com) I also have some border stamp tools for sale that are old craftools and most of them have not tasted the leather yet since it was a gift from a relative. i have not used them since i make my own border tools stamp with my own design for my style of tooling. the generic designs although are great for beginning and advanced toolers just won't suit my patterns. I have been making skiving knives with straight edges not the angled ones similar to those english style paring knives. i will post a pic of my own skiving knife that i built 3 years ago and have enjoyed using it especially on my turn-ins and folds when i do wallets. they work well on thin leather. has a flexible blade so you can bend a bit when going for those dives when making steep angle edge skives. thanks all! ritch
  12. @chris i bought the awl and the blanchard stitch marker wheel from paris, france. @ Texas Lady i made a small zip pouch out of nubuck leather. all of these tools are inside it and comfy. no banging or scrating other tools coz i made holsters for each edge of any sharp hand tool. i will post a pic of it when i have time. you actually dont need a lot of tools if you know what you are mostly building out of leather. if for example you need to make stitch grooves and at the same time make v gouges for leather folding just bring any of this two and they work somewhat the same. the key is to determine the function and the purpose of the hand tool. i am a minimalist and i like my hand tools small but very effectively functional.i maintain them daily for sharpness and teh work becomes easier, safer, clean and faster. plastic bags would just add up dings and dents on your tools and if the edges are not protected they are prone to chips or dullness. but if you don't mind hurting your tools its ok i guess, but in my book i take care of my tools coz they cost me both arms and legs. i got so many tools when i started buying this and that whenever i needed one and if i ever see a new tool come out from tool catalogs. but the longer and more endless projects i build over the years you learn to drive your way thru leatherwork without eventually haveing to use that many tools. so i gathered teh new ones and set up the tool set in the pic, and dissed the old and some new ones that i will not use. my rule has always been less is more but with quality. before i came up with the tool set above i said to myself to get myself only 10 best and most useful handtools that i only need and that's it. thanks !---------ritch
  13. hi guys finally i got down to the final number of tools i just need to build projects that i have been building for some years now. at last i got rid of the tools that i didn't need after an inventory. i noticed that i kept getting tools i didn't need at all. it just crowded my tool box and been rusting for sometime without any use. i put them up for sale and cleared my toolbox. so here are the tools that helped me minimized everything. some tools i realize can do the same job like the other, so i figured rather than having two separate tools for the same job is not practical. the 4 tools from the left are all hand made. i built them using different materials left to right: pattern knife, english paring knife, roung awl with an exotic wood handle and a free hand stitch groover. steel i got in the groover as blade needs no sharpening. just run it unto a strop and its back in action. i will try to post pix of the results of the groove cuts it makes. it has one fixed blade but can make 2 sizes of channels 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch. its really cool! been using it for 5 months now it still seving me well! thanks! enjoy!
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