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  1. this winter I decided to try KEEN Utility . I heard great news about it . They have been true to size and support my ankle and arch perfectly. I was concerned that they were too heavy, but I haven't experienced any fatigue from them - I never have sore feet after a long day wearing these boots. The sole is firm enough to prevent rocks from hurting my feet, but still has good grip and flexes enough when I walk - the perfect balance for me.I am completely satisfied with them after wearing them for the last three month, but I am looking forward to seeing if they are too hot for wearing during the summer . I found a siter earlier and was very helpful for my decision . http://www.bootratings.com/
  2. I prefer Timberland PRO. I wear my boots at least 10 hour in a day. It ıs very relax while I am working. I bought a pair of these boots on the recommendation of a co-worker, he said they were extremely comfortable and long lasting. While I agree the boots are comfortable they are a little on the heavy side for my taste but I am sure once I wear them for a while I will get used to the extra weight. Also I have very wide feet (4E) and the widest size they make are only 2E. The boots fit snuggly but as long as I don't tie them too tight I can live with them being a little snug. I read great and informational reviews on http://www.bootzoom.com/ .
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