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  1. I just picked up a 48" rule at ACE and I'm going to give that a crack. I really like the idea of getting a steel "ruler" for the extra weight, but that will have to wait until I have the resources/mobility to find a steel merchant. Now my other problem is what to cut on. I live in a tiny little 1-bedroom and the only place to lay out the leather is my living room floor. I have a self healing mat but its only 24"x18" and the pieces I need to cut are 32"x20". Would a big piece of cardboard work?
  2. Thanks chrstn53. After a little more poking around my plan is to get a pattern made out of MDF and pick up a nice big metal stick for cutting.
  3. Hi All, I got a little excited at the leather store today and bought myself a whole hide of upholstery leather with which to make knife rolls for some friends. I need to get at least 8 rolls out of the hide which doesn't give me much wiggle room when I start cutting. I've also never cut large pieces of leather before. Does anyone have some advice as far as measuring long cuts accurately and getting clean, straight edges? Much appreciated.
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