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  1. Update: Thanks Glenn. I have a welting presser foot set (from Bob K) and I'm not sure if it's custom made or for another machine, but it fits with the exception of the length of the presser foot. The walking foot is ok. If anyone else is trying to get by with one machine and willing to make the adjustments required to do so, the solution for this problem was to loosen two screws in the presser bar guide and lower the presser bar the required amount. I marked the bar (made a shim to place under the presser foot) so it could be raised to the original position. Another thanks to Bob Kovar for clarifying that solution. Dan
  2. I recently bought a Cowboy 4500 from Bob Kovar at Toledo Industrial Sewing Machine after months of general searching and reading this superbly knowledgeable forum. Thanks to all contributors and to Bob K for his helpful information and services. The machine has done amazing work; Perfectly burying knots of #69 poly thread in thin polyester lining for a grill cover. I'm a newb and learning on fabric so the errors can be erased (so to speak) by ripping the seam and starting over without the evidence of remaining holes. Hoping to be on to many varied leather projects soon. I'm perplexed, however, by the 3/16" welting foot set. The outside foot is shorter than other outside feet and doesn't reach the slotted needle plate which leaves nothing holding the work in place while the needle moves forward to place another stitch. None of the walking foot adjustments outlined in the operating instruction manual correct the problem. I don't want to experiment if I don't have to, so could this be a pressure bar adjustment..., different needle plate required...? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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