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  1. I've sort of worked myself into a corner on this one and could use any tips, tricks, suggestions, Jedi Mind Tricks, etc that people can come up with. My sales have outpaced my output which is fantastic, but still problematic. The biggest bottleneck in the process for me at least is applying a sealer to the (nearly) finished leather. At the moment I'm using Resolene and going through nearly 2 gallons a month to give an idea of scale. Applying it with wool daubers works quite well but is painfully slow. I've experimented with spraying it (messy, wasteful of material and doesn't seem to absorb and dry satisfactorily) as well as a few other methods but can't seem to find a way to expedite the process without sacrificing quality. Any suggestions?
  2. An easier way to make the top flatter is to use a tee nut rather the acorn type nut. It functions as a recessed nut and washer in one. I know Home Depot and Lowes carry them here in the states so should be somewhat common in most hardware stores. As an example: Fastenal Tee Nut 3/8 - 16 May not be practical to order from Fastenal unless you need hundreds of them however.
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