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  1. A true rough out saddle is where you can use a pressure washer to superb effect. Don't get too close or contact topgrain side at all. this is an acquired skill and experimentation is suggested. I can bring most soiled padded seats back to new.
  2. Any questions about saddle maker Floyd Lingle contact Doyle Conner at (850) 570-7433
  3. It looks great Tat2, you get extra credit for innovative tooling. Now you gotta find a horse named Harley Davidson. DJ Conner
  4. I am in Monticello, FL. I want to say thanks to all you guys for the kind words and wishes. Doyle Conner
  5. Last week my barn which included my blacksmith forge, carriage house, kitchen and saddle shop burned to the ground. I am sad to say that around 30 saddles dating from 1880 to the first world war are history. Antique bits, bridles, spurs and my entire research library, all tools & machinery are GONE. As are several of my customer's saddles. I can't help but feel like I let down each of the former owners of my collection by letting their cherished posessions come to such an ignoble end. Such is life I guess; I will try to emulate the old indian from the Outlaw Josey Wales and "strive to persevere". If anyone has duplicate tools or research material please contact me as I am now in the market. THANKS
  6. I believe your saddle to be a Corriente Saddle from New Mexico. The guys out there make a good saddle (about 600 per year) under their own name and Showman and possibly others. The last one I bought had their cartuche only on the stirrup hobbles with no other markings. Best I can do,
  7. F.A. Meanea is one of the most collectible saddles of the west and any of his saddles would be worth restoring if the condition allows. The value of any collectible is in the quality, scarcity and condition. If the leather is still healthy you should save each piece possible for reuse. Collectors can accept the replacement of those parts usually given to wear such as strings, stirrup leathers, sheepskin/felt and all straps. When replacing parts great pains must be taken to replicate the original exactly; color, carving and stamping must be identical to maintain value.The more original the leather material, the more value. What leather has been removed, was it just the fenders or jockys, or was it more extensive? Good Luck, Doyle
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